Just thinking and writing…

…and talking, of course.

Lately I have been busy writing new material. I need to get myself a notebook, a proper old school one, and a pen. Why? My fingers are getting too fat and my eye sight is too weak to use, as I have done so far, Notes on my phone.
Pam thinking  This is a picture of me not thinking but talking, nervertheless.


Rushing slowly


Somebody told me I should update my blogg twice or more every day. I am considering doing that. You can expect a new post soon, very soon or in the distant future.

I will be performing this atumn. These dates below and maybe a few more. Dates might be added as the leaves slowly hit the ground.

Big Ben Comedy, Stockholm

King Comedy, Stockholm

Snövit Comedy, Stockholm

Stockholm Comedy Club

Andralång Comedy, Göteborg

Did not find a 40 year old Andy Warhol

I have been going through a lot of old stuff I still have back at my mum’s house. I’ve kept everything. Drawings, cassettes, VHS’s, posters, photos, things I’ve made, stufff and shit. Lovely things, it is hard to throw your childhood away, but a woman has gotta do what a woman has to do. Found a lovely piece of work. A booklet I made out of pieces of blank striped paper. On the cover: Poems and great ideas by Pamela Taivassalo. I turned the page. It was nothing in there. Nada. Blank pages. Striped blank pages. I told my listeners about my fidnings. The best Robert Bendtlider ever made the passage to a clip on the web. It will not go viral. Content is nothing. The framework is everything. I was not the Electric Chair, but it was me. I have not changed the slightest.

Pamsplaining it on Swedish Radio


First blog post

Sometimes it feels like the world is a crazy place and I have a hard time making any sense of things happening in real life. I will use this space as a note book, me trying to figure out what it’s all about. Ha! Good luck, Pamela.

I will also use the ABOUT section as some sort of show reel with a few of my TV and Radio programmes on display.